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Supportive guidance for weight management and IBS by a Registered Dietitian

Online Nutrition Counselling


by Andrea Senchuk, Registered Dietitian

Nutrition counselling services

  Nutrition Counselling

   Work one-on-one with a dietitian to make lasting dietary change and achieve your health goals.

   Online Nutrition Counselling

   Access the same high quality nutrition counselling via virtual videoconferencing.

Online nutrition counselling



It takes 5 minutes to create an account and get started.  Join the session from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.


Pay less for online appointments compared to traditional in-office appointments.  60 minute initial consults cost $90.  30 minute follow up sessions cost $55.


Online appointments through OnCall Health use encrypted video that complies with the Personal Health Information Protection Act.


Save your valuable time by avoiding the traffic and parking.  No need to take time off work.   Talk to a dietitian from the comfort of your own home.

How can nutrition counselling make your life better?

It’s hard to know what to eat these days with so much complex (and often contradictory) nutrition information available.  When you work with a dietitian, you’re working with a regulated health professional with the expertise to turn scientific knowledge into nutrition guidance that’s tailored specifically for you.
Nutrition counselling supports you in adopting a healthier lifestyle so you can achieve lasting results without suffering through yet another fad diet.

Nutrition counselling is personalized to meet your needs and enhance your success.  Services like genetic testing and metabolic rate analysis promote further personalization to boost results and optimize health.

Learn about registered dietitians, the most educated, trained and qualified nutrition professionals in the health care system.