Body Composition & Metabolic Rate Analysis


Our bodies are made up of fat mass and fat-free mass.  Fat mass is fat mass, plain and simple.  Fat-free mass is the weight of our muscles, organs, bone, and total body water.  When we refer to “body composition”, we are are talking about what your body is made of and the proportion of each component.

Bioelectric impedence analysis (BIA) is a technology that measures your body composition using an electrical current that travels through your body when you step barefoot onto the BIA machine and grip its handlebars.  The electrical current must pass through both your feet and hands.  The procedure is utterly painless – I promise you won’t feel a thing!  BIA scales that do not have handlebars only measure the composition of your lower body, making them useless.

When we lose weight, we lose both fat and muscle.  The faster we lose weight, the more muscle we lose compared to fat loss.  Using BIA technology, I can track my clients’ changes in fat and muscle mass to help us create a highly personalized nutrition plan for healthy weight loss.

It’s important to maintain a healthy body composition as we lose weight because it plays a role in health.  Excess fat mass is linked to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.  Excess muscle depletion or low lean mass can increase your risk of infections, reduced physical functionality and joint problems.

The amount of muscle you possess plays a significant role in determining your resting metabolic rate.  Your resting metabolic rate is the number of calories your body would need if you were to lay perfectly still for 24 hours.  The BIA technology determines your resting metabolic rate once it has collected the data on your body composition.  I then calculate your energy requirements taking into account your physical activity level.

Service Options

Stand-Alone Option

If you’re not interested in nutrition counselling but you wish to know your body composition and resting metabolic rate, I offer 15 minute appointments for $45 to run the analysis.  With this option, I do not provide nutrition advice or education.

Built-In Option

For people who are working with me to manage their weight, I offer body composition and metabolic analysis as part of my services so you don’t pay extra for this.