Craving Change Workshop


Do you struggle with cravings?  Do you consider yourself a “stress eater”?
Are you eating unhealthy foods you wish you could say “no” to?

Developed by a psychologist and a dietitian, Craving ChangeTM is a cognitive-behavioural program designed to help people understand why they eat the way they do and teach them how to manage problematic eating habits.  We will look at how thoughts, feelings and behaviours each affect one another to shape our eating behaviours and what we can do to change our relationship with food.   This is neither a nutrition class nor a weight loss program, although taking control of your cravings can certainly help with weight management.


Why It’s Hard to Change

Learn how our society, your body and your learned behaviours shape your eating habits.

What Needs Changing

Discover your problematic eating triggers using a variety of tools and techniques.

How You Can Change

Learn 16 strategies with ‘how-to’ instructions for managing your eating triggers and controlling your eating habits.

Maintain Your Change

Learn how to deal with slips and maintain positive changes.


Visit the Craving Change website for more details.

Craving ChangeTM was designed to be delivered over 2 to 6 sessions.  I understand that people are busy and have other important things to do, so I have condensed the program into 2 sessions.  These two sessions take place within 1 week in order to take advantage of your motivation, leverage your enthusiasm for optimal results, and keep the momentum going.


The Details

  •  What: 2 group sessions, 2 hours each including breaks.
  • When: Feburary 2018.  Exact date TBD.  Session I will be held on a Tuesday evening and session II will be held on the following Saturday afternoon.
  • Where: Vital Medical Centre, 224 Hunt Club Road, Ottawa.
  • Price: $90.  20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your seat.
  • Included: free workbook, healthy snacks and refreshments.

Seating is limited.

Bonus: If you attend both sessions, you qualify for a 15% discount on a 60-minute initial assessment appointment for nutrition counselling.