Nutrition Counselling



Many insurance companies cover dietitian services, so check your health plan today!

Support & Guidance

When the road to health looks bumpy and you’re not sure what to eat, nutrition counselling empowers you by providing the information, guidance and advice you need to reach your diet and health goals.

Personalized Care

Your wishes, needs and input are respected and honoured during the nutrition counselling process.  Creating a nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle and produces results is the ultimate goal.

Evidence-based Intervention

I use proven behaviour modification techniques, such as motivational interviewing, and rely on sound science and up-to-date guidelines to deliver trusted and reliable nutrition care.

Nutrition counselling involves working with a dietitian to change your diet and eating hehaviours in order to achieve your health goals.  Nutrition counselling is used to prevent health problems and promote optimal health, but it also helps people manage their weight as well as chronic diseases such as digestive illness and diabetes.

Initial assessment appointment

$100, 60 minutes

At the initial assessment, you and I will have an open discussion about where you’re starting from and where you want to go.  Plan to do a lot of talking at this appointment, as I learn about your goals, needs, lifestyle, current diet and health status.  Next, we identify what needs changing and how to make those changes.  You’ll walk away with a nutrition action plan that we’ve created together to keep you focused on your efforts at home.

Follow up appointment

$60, 30 minutes

Follow up visits are a crucial part of nutrition counselling because they help you stay consistent.  At the follow up visit we continue with education and discuss any challenges you’ve had in making change.  As we devise strategies to overcome these challenges, we tweak and build on your nutrition plan to get you closer to your goals.


Weight Loss Package


 Save and little money and commit to your goal!  This package includes:


  • 1 hour initial assessment
  • 4 30 minute follow up visits
  • For added convenience, follow up visits can be done online or over the phone
  • Complimentary body composition and metabolic rate analysis
  • Useful tools and materials to support you at home
  • Support, encouragement and accountability!

Low FODMAP Diet Package


 Save money while I guide you through this challenging elimination diet.  This package includes:


  • 1 hour initial assessment
  • 3 30 minute follow up visits
  • For added convenience, follow up visits can be done online or over the phone
  • Email support
  • Useful tools and materials to implement the elimination and reintroduction phases of the diet at home.

Not sure if nutrition counselling is right for you?

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